Heine Mini 3000 Fibre Optic Otoscope

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The HEINE mini 3000 Otoscope offers you 100% more light than conventional lamps thanks to Fiber Optic Illumination (F.O.). The modern pocket otoscope is equipped with a blower connection so that it can be used for pneumatic otoscopy. In addition to the mini3000 otoscope head, our economical complete set also includes a matching battery handle and various disposable tips.

The high-quality handle housing of the Heine otoscope is made of a chrome alloy / refined plastic, making it particularly robust, impact-resistant and non-slip. The handle’s retaining clip is equipped with an integrated on/off switch, which not only provides hold, but also ensures automatic switch-off in the pocket.

Fibre optic otoscope with shock-proof, non-slip handle and XHl Xenon Halogen bulb. x3 magnification with integrated on-off switch in attachment clip switches off automatically when returned to pocket. Supplied with 14 various sized aural speculi, hard case and 2x AA batteries.



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