Heine Mini NT Rechargeable Set – Complete

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Heine Mini NT Rechargeable Set – Complete


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Compact charging technology

Innovative, compact design. Practical and space-saving.

Charge indicator
Automatic charging
Fast charge capability

Innovative, compact design. Practical and space-saving.

Width 112 mm, Height 50 mm, Depth 52 mm, Weight 404 g.

Two independent charging compartments. Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time.

Fast charge feature. 4 hours to recharge a mini 3000 NiMH 2.5 V rechargeable battery.

Automatic charging. Independent of the state of charge of the rechargeable battery. Guarantees extended battery life.

Can not be overcharged. Charger switches off automatically when the battery is fully charged.

Charge status display. Light pulses from the charging compartment to confirm the charging mode. No memory effect. Full power at any time without loss of capacity.

Please note: suitable only for mini 3000 2.5 V NiMH rechargeable battery.

mini NT table charger, 2 rechargeable batteries NiMH 2Z, 2 bottom inserts for mini 3000 rechargeable handle (With this set, existing mini 3000 handles can be updated to the 2.5 V rechargeable system).

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