Elacin ER Filtered Noise Plugs, 25dB

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Elacin ER Filtered Noise Plugs, 25dB


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Elacin ER filtered noise plugs 25dB let you hear sounds accurately, but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment.

Elacin has developed unique hearing protection especially for people in the music industry, protection that limits the damaging effects of noise to a safe level, but does not distort the overall sound. The Elacin ER attenuates no more sound that is absolutely necessary, allowing the natural acoustics to remain intact. This allows you to hear speech clearly while also enjoying music.

Elacin ER hearing protection is custom-made from an impression of your ear, allowing for a perfect fit, and making it stay in place even when worn by musicians who jump about the stage. But even more importantly the hearing protection seals your auditory canal from harmful noise while not applying any unnecessary pressure on the ear. Each noise plug is also made from soft silicone, meaning you feel as if you are not wearing anything in your ear at all.

Optional IEM Earphone Inserts
In ear monitor headphones that fit into the filter slot of a custom Elacin ER noise plug. Ideal for anyone ordering a set of ER noise plugs who is also looking for a cost-effective IEM solution. When you replace the filter with an earphone, it turns into a high quality in ear monitor system with the benefits of custom-made earpieces.

These noise plugs are available in 3 attenuation levels:
9dB – Ideal for vocalists, acoustic or classical musicians & sound engineers.
15dB – Suitable for most musicians.
25dB – Ideal for rock musicians’ & very loud concerts.

Key Features
• Custom-made: a perfect fit every time.
• Safe and comfortable.
• Best possible protection against hearing loss.
• Speech remains audible.
• Interchangeable filters.
• No feeling of pressure in your ear.
• 2-year guarantee.


This device is custom made to fit the user’s ears. The wearer will need to visit a hearing care professional to have ear impressions taken. The cost for ear impressions will vary, but are likely be about £50. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you within one working day from your purchase. We also offer a free UK postal service for sending us your impressions. We are happy to advise you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your product.

  • Earpiece Colour Option

    Select your earpiece colour.

  • Filter Colour Option

    Select your filter colour.

  • Elacin ER Sound Blockers (Pair) - Clear

    Clear solid sound blocker inserts for Elacin ER Earplugs, to escape from all environmental sound.

  • Fitted Cord

    Would you like a fitted cord?

  • Elacin ER Earphones In-Ear Monitors

    In-ear monitor headphones that fit into the filter slot of a custom Elacin ER noise plug.

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