Elacin ER Earphones In-Ear Monitors

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In-ear monitor headphones that fit into the filter slot of a custom Elacin ER noise plug (available separately). Ideal for anyone who already has a set of ER noise plugs and is looking for a cost-effective IEM solution.

Ideal if you regularly visit concerts and also listen to your favourite music comfortably at home on your MP3 player. The Elacin ER noise filter (available separately) ensures good protection against noise that is too loud and, when you replace the filter with an earphone, it turns into a high quality in ear monitor system with the benefits of custom-made earpieces.

Key Features
• Custom-made: a perfect fit every time.
• Safe and comfortable.
• Interchangeable filters.
• No feeling of pressure in your ear.
• 2-year guarantee.



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