Comply Soft Wraps (10 Pack)

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Comply Soft Wraps increase comfort and sound isolation from loose fitting in-ear devices, Sound-blocking foam expands and compresses helping to form a better seal.

Soft Wraps are available in packs of 10 wraps. Each Comply Soft Wrap is 42mm long with high tech slow recovery, temperature activated foam with adhesive backing.

Even with perfect impressions and tight fitting earmoulds or shells, you can still encounter loss of seal when the shape of the ear canal changes with jaw movements. Comply Soft Wrap foam, when warmed to body temperature, responds to movement in the canal walls, as well as providing excellent retention and comfort.

Key Features
• High tech slow recovery foam.
• Easy to apply adhesive backing.
• Increases wearer comfort.

Technical Specifications
Length: 42mm
Thickness: 2mm
Colour: Peach

MPC: 11-10001-00

1 review for Comply Soft Wraps (10 Pack)

  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Exact product I wanted. Best price I found.

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