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Mirror Go Round is a 4-panel mirror, perfect for easily checking the fitting of earmoulds and hearing systems. Folds down for easy storage and transport.

The Mirror Go Round allows hearing aid users to easily view their ears to see how their hearing instruments and earpieces should look when properly placed in the ear. The mirror was designed to enable visualisation of your own ears and ear canals, and is ideal for use when teaching patients proper insertion of hearing instruments. The Mirror Go Round is supplied with a travel pouch – ideal for travel and storage.

Key Features
• Supplied with a travel pouch.
• Allows hearing aid users to easily view their ears.
• Ideal for teaching applications.

Technical Specifications
Folded size: 7.5 x 14cm
Open size: 7.5 x 50cm
Colour: blue/grey

MPC: 46876-99994


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