VACSAX Liner For Collection Jar (2 Litre)

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VACSAX Liner For Collection Jar (2 Litre)


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Suction liner designed to work with the VACSAX collection jar (2 litre).

As suction is vitally important in microsuction, the VACSAX suction liner system has been developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide safe and reliable suction at all times – no matter how demanding the procedure. The VACSAX suction liner system consists of disposable suction bags, reusable suction canisters and a wide range of accessories. This closed system eliminates contact with collected fluids, and secure closing ensures no spillage or leakage occurs. Designed with users, VACSAX suction liner system is as easy to use as possible.

VACSAX suction liners are easy to install with a help of vacuum. Just unfold the suction bag place it into the suction canister, turn on the suction source, and the suction bag will inflate automatically. Then close the patient connector with your finger, and simultaneously push the suction bag slightly from the middle of the lid. Wait until the desired vacuum is established and that the suction bag is fully inflated.


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