Sound Oasis Miniature Sound Machine

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Sound Oasis Miniature Sound Machine


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The World’s Smallest Sound Machine!

Will help you relax, fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, manage tinnitus, and even improve concentration during the day. Our unsurpassed collection of therapeutic sounds are selected to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs. Adding new sounds could not be easier thanks to the large collection available on the Sound Oasis custom sound card creator. Choose from over 150 unique sounds!

Includes Premium Headphones
Premium headphones with 3 different size adapters for the perfect fit. A tangle resistant cord also ensures that they are ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Long Battery Life
Built-in rechargeable battery which charges by included USB cable. 15 hour run time. Can also be played continuously by plugging in the USB cable.

Deluxe Travel Case
The travel case not only keeps your device safe, it also provides a handy place to store your charger, earbuds, and extra earbud tips.

Ideal for Tinnitus or Noise Isolation
Manage tinnitus with this small and powerful white noise machine all day. Whether you need a quiet low level sound to mask tinnitus or just sounds to help you concentrate, the world’s smallest white noise machine is for you.

White noise is a natural, clinically proven sound that helps people sleep and concentrate better. Perfect for improving sleep, blocking noise, managing tinnitus, with 24 different doctor developed sound tracks.

Built in 30, 60, 90 timer allows you to listen to your chosen sound while falling asleep, or turn the timer off for uninterrupted all night sounds.

Product dimensions:
Width: 40mm
Height: 46mm
Depth: 19mm
Weight: 19g

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