SAM MS Professional Microsuction Unit

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The SAM MS Professional Microsuction Unit is a high quality surgical suction unit designed and manufactured in the UK to be highly adaptable.

MGE’s SAM range of equipment now includes a specialist unit for use in Microsuction to help in the removal of excess wax from a patient’s ear.

The new SAM MS microsuction unit and associated accessories provides a perfect solution to the needs of the audiologist carrying out the procedure, giving reliable strong vacuum when required with a selection of single use microsuction tips and hooks \ loops to ensure quick and safe removal of wax from the aural canal area.

Technical Specifications
Vacuum 0 to 0.85 bar / 0 to 650 mmHg.
Flow rate 30l/min.
Collection Jars 1×2 litre Unit.
Dimensions 380x450x200 (HxWxDmm).
Weight 10kg.
Noise Level 50dB.
Voltage 230v ± 10%~ / 110v ± 5%~ (50/60Hz)

Complies With
Medical Directive 93/42/EEC
BS EN ISO 10079-1
BS EN 60601-1
BS EN 60601-1-2


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