PureSil Pro Cartridges (8 x 50ml AM2)

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PureSil Pro is the latest addition to our most popular PureSil range of impression materials. Formulated by market leader Detax, this material is an ultra-fast setting material, perfected by years of research, development and customer feedback. PureSil Pro is also ideal for 3D scanning of impressions, with a 4-star scanability rating. It offers ultimate precision, great cost/performance ratio, & minimised physical effort due to reduced extrusion pressure. It has creamy consistency, ideal flow properties, does not drip from the ear, maximum elastic recovery (99.8%), and tear resistant

Packaging: 50ml x 8
Impressions: Approx 50
AutoMix: 2
Consistency: Light Bodied
Viscosity: Medium
Flowability: Medium
Thixotropy: Medium- High
Setting: Super Fast
Set Time: 1:55
Hardness: 38 Shore A


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