PowerOne EVOLUTION Batteries – Size 675 (6 Pack, 60 Box)

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PowerOne EVOLUTION size 675 batteries. Sold in boxes of 60 cells.

Evolution in density
PowerOne EVOLUTION was developed in response to the needs of consumers who require reliable batteries with longer operating times. The PowerOne EVOLUTION zinc-air battery is based on Thin Foil Technology (TFT) and is characterised by a very high energy density, with a greatly increased capacity over its predecessor, lasting up to 15% longer.

Evolution in technology
The PowerOne EVOLUTION features revolutionary manufacturing technology. Thanks to the innovation of using foil technology (TFT = Thin Foil Technology), the available inner volume can be exhausted and filled with more active material, meaning these batteries have up to 15 percent longer runtime than previous PowerOne batteries, setting new standards for hearing aid users.

Evolution in performance
PowerOne EVOLUTION batteries are produced in Germany in a highly automated process and stand for flexibility, safety and sustainability. PowerOne’s ethos is one centred on the synergy of wide-ranging material research, many years of experience in cell development and their own manufacturing plant technology.

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