PL20 Portable Loop System

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PL20 Portable Loop System


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A complete, rechargeable, self-contained compact portable loop system that provides an instant local loop facility for communication to the hearing impaired.

ILPL20 Portable induction desk loop system is suitable for one-to-one communication with someone wearing a hearing aid with a T facility and ideal for providing DDA compliance without major upheaval or expense.

With no wiring or setting up, other than lifting the unit onto a table and switching on, the ILPL20 can be stored until required and be ready for use within seconds as long as the batteries are charged! The unit is simply placed on the desk/counter and the member of staff sits behind the unit and speaks, the integral microphone picks up the sound of speech and a green LED flashes to indicate that the unit is working. The hearing aid user sits in front of the unit with their hearing aid set on T and will hear the speech directly through their hearing aid. The unit covers an area of approx. 1m around the unit. The unit will operate for 24 hours on fully charged batteries, the two red LEDs indicate battery status and/or charging, the unit can also be used whilst recharging.

Key Features
• Rechargeable
• External microphone optional.
• Built-in microphone.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 1.6kg
Height: 25cm
Width: 27.5cm
Depth: 11cm
Charger: Supplied
Battery life: 24 hours

MPC: IL-PL20-2

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