NanoComm 2GA Aviation (Nexus Helicopter Connector)

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NanoComm 2GA Aviation (Nexus Helicopter Connector)


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NanoComm 2 GA is an ultra-lightweight, custom-made aviation headset, featuring a lightweight ‘Shape & Stay’ flexible boom microphone weighing just 4 grams, for clear, noise free communications.

NanoComm 2 GA is the ultimate pilots’ headset! Featuring a lightweight & comfortable design, it eliminates the pressure headaches & red-hot itchy ears that standard GA headsets can cause, it also features a quick-release lanyard which the cables run through, keeping cables tidy and out of sight.

The headset features an optional custom-moulded ProtectHear earpiece. These soft medical-grade silicone earpieces offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier, offering an SNR of 29dB while still allowing the audio to be heard.

Key Features
Extremely comfortable
Unobtrusive design

Connector: Nexus Helicopter
Earpiece Weight: 4g with mic
Cable Length: 2m from earpiece

Nanocomm 2GA
Microphone windshield
2 cable clips

Buy ProtectHear Earpieces get Silicone Earpieces for FREE!
Add both to apply offer

This device has the option of custom moulded earpieces, these are custom made to fit the users ears offering unbeatable comfort. The wearer will need to visit a hearing care professional to have ear impressions taken. The cost for ear impressions will vary, but are likely be about £50. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you within one working day from your purchase. We also offer a free UK postal service for sending us your impressions. We are happy to advise you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your product.

  • Microphone Boom Length

    Select your microphone boom length

  • PTT With In-Line Connector

    PTT With In-Line Connector

  • Additional Cable Clip

    Cable shirt clip for NanoComm headsets.
    (2 included)

  • Additional NanoComm Microphone Windshield

    Standard microphone windshield for NanoComm headsets.
    (1 included)

  • NanoComm Waterproof Microphone Windshield

    Waterproof microphone windshield for NanoComm headsets.
    (Not included as standard)

  • ProtectHear NanoComm Earpieces

    ProtectHear filtered earpieces for NanoComm headsets.
    (Not included as standard)

  • NanoComm Silicone Earpieces

    Silicone unfiltered earpieces for NanoComm headsets.
    (Not included as standard)

  • EzeFit Generic Fit Earpiece Kit

    EzeFit generic earpiece kit for NanoComm headsets.
    (Not included as standard)

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