**Clearance** Nature Journey Sound Card For Sound Oasis V3

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**Clearance** Nature Journey Sound Card For Sound Oasis V3


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Sounds Included:

Thunderstorm in the Wilderness – Unwind to the exhilarating, but soothing sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a remote lake.

Crashing Waves on Rocky Point – Take a break and walk along a jagged coastline as you listen to the powerful, yet exhilarating, crash of waves against the rocks.

Forest Rain – Relax to the steady tapping of refreshing mountain rain as it pelts the dense forest floor.

Waterfall – Block out noise or drift off to sleep with the natural “white noise” effect of a thundering waterfall.

Gentle Surf in a Hidden Cove – Discover the tranquillity of soft surf as it washes against a sandy beach within a hidden cove.

Ocean Rain – Sleep or relax with your favourite book as the wavering patter of rain falls upon the vast ocean.

Wind – Nestle-in as a powerful, but calming windstorm blows through a deep mountain valley.

Secluded Lake – Experience the peacefulness of a secluded lake with gently lapping water and song birds.

Caribbean Surf with Seabirds – Enjoy the calming sound of surf from the shore of a sun-drenched tropical island as birds sing from nearby trees.

Jungle Stream with Birds – Enjoy the peacefulness of a sparkling stream as exotic birds search the adjoining foliage for fruit and insects.

Summer Night – A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment.

Amazon Lagoon – Escape to a secluded lagoon and experience the calming sound of bird calls and a frog chorus.

Weight and Dimensions

Product dimension : 1.46″ x 0.83″ x 0.16″
Product weight : 0.011 lbs
Package dimensions : 3.94″ x 0.20″ x 5.91″
Package weight : 0.033 lbs

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