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Professional hearing protection with adaptive noise-reduction technology that automatically adjusts to changing sound levels. Etymotic MP9-15 Music-PRO electronic earplugs are designed for musicians who want to hear naturally, need protection when hearing is at risk, and want to avoid the inconvenience of removing earplugs to hear.

Key Features:

  • Automatically Adjust to Volume Levels
  • Hear Soft Sounds & Speech Naturally
  • Instantaneously Protects Against Sudden Peaks
  • -9dB or -15dB Reduction
  • Ready-Fit Eartips, No Need for Custom Moulds


2 reviews for Etymotic MusicPro Electronic Musicians Earplugs

  1. Andrew Roberts (verified owner)

    These are the first hearing protection I can use in a loud orchestral environment. They allow the player to hear what they need to, but reduce the peak levels substantially, having suffered a significant amount of hearing in my right ear I can only say I wish I had had the Etymotic ear protection years ago. I’m recommending them to all my orchestral colleagues and my daughters studying at the RNCM!

  2. Wendy Higson (verified owner)

    Great product and great service

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