Vac-Clean UV Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Vac-Clean UV Mini Vacuum Cleaner


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Vac-Clean UV® is a rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner with antimicrobial light for added hygiene. Designed to work with all hearing aids & in-ear devices.

The new Vac-Clean UV® has a powerful vacuum suction capacity of over 60 kilopascals (8.7 psi). Together with the brush attachment nozzle, this powerfully cleans and sucks up the residues. The suction strength is adjustable and features 3 modes at the touch of a button. The attachment nozzles, 6 included, can be easily changed and cleaned and the blue LED light (450nm) has an antimicrobial hygiene function.

Supplied with 3 different nozzles suited to different applications. The Brush Nozzle is perfect for surface cleaning of all hearing aids and charging stations, and is especially ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas including microphone openings and battery compartments. The RIC nozzle features a small suction cup, ideal for all silicone ear tips, in-ear devices, hearables and hearing protection devices. The Tube Nozzle is made of soft silicone and  is especially suitable for suctioning hearing aid filters, vent holes and the smallest openings, and can also be used as a mini vacuum cleaner for keyboards, remote controls and much more.

Key Features
•  Powerful vacuum pump
•  Includes 6 nozzles
•  Antimicrobial LED
•  USB C rechargable
• Easy 1 button operation
•  2 year warranty

Package Includes
•  Vac-Clean UV®
•  2 x brush nozzles
•  2 x RIC nozzles
•  2 x tube nozzles
•  20 x spare filters
•  USB C charging cable

MPC: 61110100

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