MotoSound Compact Earplugs With In-Ear Audio

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Small & discreet, they fit easily under crash helmets, perfect for motorcyclists or racing drivers who need clear incoming communication.

Custom-made MotoSound earpieces are made from soft flexible silicone material to give excellent comfort over long wearing durations. Fitting deep into the ear canal they allow audio to be heard clearly.

Each pair features a fixed cable with moulded 3.5mm jack plug. Available in a wide range of colours.

This device is custom made to fit the user’s ears. The wearer will need to visit a hearing care professional to have ear impressions taken. The cost for ear impressions will vary, but are likely be about £50. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to you within one working day from your purchase. We also offer a free UK postal service for sending us your impressions. We are happy to advise you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your product.

  • MotoSound Left Earpiece Colour

  • MotoSound Right Earpiece Colour

  • MotoSound Cable Colour

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