Inventis Harmonica Digital Video Otoscope

Inventis Harmonica Digital Video Otoscope


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Harmonica is a digital video otoscope that allows to conduct comprehensive ear examinations with exceptional clarity and efficiency. Featuring a high-definition chip-on-tip camera and a powerful LED illumination system, Harmonica delivers stunningly detailed images of the eardrum, ensuring accurate diagnoses and prompt interventions.

Outstanding Resolution and Real-Time Visualization
Capture crystal-clear images of the ear canal in real-time using the intuitive capture button located on the ergonomically designed instrument. The images are displayed with stunning clarity on Maestro software, showcasing every detail of the eardrum with a resolution of 720p (1280×720), that can be shown in real-time to the patient as well, fostering a deeper understanding of their condition and improving patient engagement.

Full Flexibility and Comfort
The 2.8-meter USB connection cable provides ample room for operator movement during the examination, ensuring a comfortable and flexible experience. Simply connect to a computer with a USB 2.0 port, and you’re ready to begin capturing clear and detailed images of the ear canal.

Computer-Controlled Precision and Driver-Free Operation
Harmonica seamlessly integrates with Maestro software, providing comprehensive control over the examination process. No installation of drivers is required, making this video otoscope incredibly user-friendly and eliminating compatibility concerns.
Harmonica is also Noah compatible.

Portable and Convenient
Harmonica is incredibly portable and lightweight.
After use, it can be easily placed in its convenient cradle for safe and organized storage.

MPN: 12205

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