Elacin ER Replacement Filters, Beige – 15dB

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Beige replacement filters for Elacin ER Earplugs, with an attenuation level of 15dB. Supplied in pairs.

Elacin has developed its unique range of hearing protection especially for people in the music industry, protection that limits the damaging effects of noise to a safe level, but does not distort the overall sound. Allowing you to hear sounds accurately, but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment. These filters are available in beige, blue, brown, clear, & red.

These filters are available in 3 attenuation levels of 9, 15, & 25dB.
9dB – Ideal for vocalists, acoustic or classical musicians & sound engineers.
15dB – Suitable for most musicians.
25dB – Ideal for rock musicians’ & very loud concerts.

Key Features
• Best possible protection against hearing loss.
• Speech remains audible.
• Interchangeable filters.
• No feeling of pressure in your ear.
• 2-year guarantee.



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