Living life in music

For many working in the music industry, their ears are their most vital piece of kit.

If you play or listen live regularly or in high volume surroundings, you can protect your ears without compromising the sounds you love.

Simply sound sense

Regular exposure to sound at 85dB+ can result in permanent hearing damage. So it’s easy to see why musicians and music lovers would want to protect their ears.

Puretone specialises in professional custom-made hearing protection and in-ear monitors for musicians, road crews, sound engineers, DJs and more. All our devices protect without impairing the tone or feel of the on-stage or studio sound.

When it comes to music, performance is everything.

Hearing Protection for Music

Filtered Noise Plugs

Generic and custom-made filtered noise earplugs for musicians who want to reduce sound to safe levels without impairing hearing quality.
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In Ear Monitors – Pro Range

In-ear monitors allow sound mixing to be personalised to you, improving performance and reducing harmful overall stage noise.
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In Ear Monitors – Leisure Range

For the serious music listener, custom moulded in-ear monitors that work with your personal music player for a comfier fit and a deeper bass sound.
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Hearing protection for Music

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