Earigator™ Cerumen Management System


Save time, retain your patients, and grow your practice with the Earigator™, the world’s most advanced self-contained ear irrigation system. Full temperature and pressure control allows you to safely and comfortably clean out your patient’s ear wax in under 30 seconds.

Designed by an Otologist, the Earigator™ combines the functions of an otoscope and irrigation into one, providing the most advanced means of cerumen control.

With the Earigator™, nurses and clinicians are fully capable of safely and efficiently removing even the most stubborn ear wax.

Self-contained temperature control constantly regulates the water to body temperature, avoiding any caloric or vertigo side effects.

Pressure controls ensure that the Earigator™ quickly removes even impacted cerumen, while never endangering the ear drum.

Hearing Aid Centres 

The Earigator will allow you to perform cerumen removal safely and efficiently. Stop referring patients out for ear cleaning only to have them not return. Schedule your patients for periodic cerumen removal to keep them coming back for follow up appointments. A single hearing aid sale could cover the cost of the Earigator.


Even if you are already removing ear wax, the Earigator will dramatically cut down the time you spend removing ear wax. Your patients will thank you for the new technique. The Earigator will allow you to clean even the deepest, most impacted ear wax. You no longer need to refer any patients out or worry about bleeding ears that can occur when cleaning the ears of patients on blood thinners with traditional methods. Many audiologists also bill the patients for this extra service, helping the patients avoid multiple appointments.


The Earigator will allow your nurses to perform cerumen removal safely and efficiently. Free up your time to work on more complex cases.

Urgent Care & Emergency Rooms

Patients frequently visit the ER for problems that can be remedied with a simple ear cleaning. The Earigator will allow any trained nurse to perform cerumen removal safely and efficiently. Allow your doctors to focus on more complex cases while your nurses perform any cerumen removal.

General Practitioners & Pediatricians

Geriatric and pediatric patients are highly susceptable to cerumen buildup. The EarigatorTM will allow you or your nurses to perform cerumen removal safely and efficiently and will allow your doctors to focus on more complex care. The EarigatorTM is gentle enough to use even on younger patients.